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Are tyre change services currently operating?
Tyre service stations are operating and remain open. However, they must adhere to strict hygiene measures, so you should anticipate that their operation may be restricted as a result. You can schedule a tyre change by phone, via our website or using the myALD Driver mobile app. 

I need to take my car in for a service. Is this possible?
Vehicle service stations also remain in operation, and therefore vehicles can be serviced as required. However, you should still anticipate reduced service capacity as a consequence of the increased safety and hygiene measures associated with the current situation.

I’ve signed an agreement with ALD and I’m waiting to get my new car. Can I come in to pick it up?
The new vehicle can be picked up after you agree a specific date and conditions with ALD. Of course, when picking up the car you must comply with all current government regulations, so expect this process to take some time, especially if ALD is registering a new vehicle. Registration offices have limited opening hours and ALD cannot influence this. 

My new vehicle has not arrived yet or cannot be registered quickly. Can I keep my existing vehicle until then?
Yes. This option is enshrined in our General Terms and Conditions by default. You can extend the lease of your current vehicle under the same conditions, without having to contact ALD. However, we reserve the right to ask you to return the vehicle and take possession of the new vehicle when it becomes available, or to return it for other objective reasons.

Is it possible to conclude a new operational lease agreement with ALD?
Yes. You can contact us through one of our offices or check our new car offer at www.aldoperak.cz.

How do I return the vehicle after the end of the operational lease?
You can return the vehicle in any way listed in the section entitled Return the Car after Leasing. However, when returning the car in person at ALD headquarters, you need to take into account certain restrictions stemming from current government regulations. This particularly concerns minimizing personal contact with ALD staff. After bringing the vehicle to the front of the ALD premises, you must physically leave the handover area, which is closed to the public, and return only after the vehicle has been inspected. At the end of the entire acceptance process you will sign and accept the handover protocol. Our staff will inform you about all the necessary steps when you arrive, so please follow their instructions. 

ikona-fine-management-50   Terms of the lease agreement

Can I lease multiple vehicles?
Yes. There are no restrictions on the number of leases an individual, sole proprietor or company can have. The primary criterion is your creditworthiness, which is assessed before the conclusion of any agreement.

I take advantage of your offer, choose the vehicle I want and sign an agreement, during the course of which I will pay the leasing fee and cover any servicing. At the end of the lease, I return the car and can choose another one without any additional charges. Is that correct? 
Yes, partially. This is the procedure for closed accounts, where there is no subsequent billing. During the lease, you pay in full for all the agreed services, which can include a tyre service, roadside assistance service, and refuelling. With open accounts, you pay advances for services that are subsequently billed to you. When you return the vehicle, its condition and any excessive wear is also taken into account and charged accordingly. We will also take into account the used/unused mileage according to the odometer reading when you return the vehicle. The process for obtaining a new vehicle is not affected in any way by the previous agreement. 

What vehicles are available for operational leasing by natural persons not engaged in business?
A lease agreement may be concluded for any passenger or commercial vehicle of any make and model with a maximum weight of 3.5 t. 

What documents do I need to submit for approval as a natural person not engaged in business (e.g. an employee)?
We will need copies of two valid identity documents and a completed and signed questionnaire (which you will promptly receive if you express an interest in leasing). In the event of any ambiguities or for vehicles with a purchase price over CZK 400,000 incl. VAT, we also require a copy of a bank account statement. 

What documents do I need to submit for approval as a natural person engaged in business?
We need copies of two valid identity documents, proof of your trade license (or copy of another document) demonstrating performance of the activity that is the main source of your income. We will also need a copy of the tax registration certificate and a copy of the confirmation of submission of your personal income tax return as of 31 December of the current and previous tax periods. If the transaction is concluded in the second half of a year, we will require a copy of an income statement as of 30 June of the current period.

What documents must our company submit to you for approval?
We will need you to submit documentation of the company’s economic performance, including a profit and loss statement and balance sheet as of 31 December (or at the balance sheet date if the financial year does not correspond to the calendar year) for the current and previous periods. Furthermore, a copy of an extract from the Commercial Register not older than six months, and a copy of the company’s tax registration certificate. Depending on the volume of financing, we may require additional documents or guarantors. 

Can a foreign citizen conclude an agreement?
Yes. In addition to the documents we require from Czech nationals, a foreign national must also provide a copy of their residency permit.

What is the difference between your operational leasing and Full-Service Leasing?
Apart from insurance, the operational lease product does not include a repair service, tyre service, roadside assistance, refuelling, replacement vehicle, etc. These services must be obtained and paid for by the client themselves. With Full-Service Leasing, these services are already included in the monthly instalment (depending on the scope selected) and the customer has no other costs associated with the operation of the vehicle (except fuel, operating fluids, damage not covered by insurance, and possible deductibles in the event of an insurance claim).

Will I receive the “large” technical certificate with the vehicle?

When taking possession of the vehicle, you will receive a pack of documents called the Driver Set. The copy of „large“ technical document you can find in our application myALD Driver. If you need the technical document physically, please request for that via e-mail vtp@aldautomotive.com.

What is the availability of vehicles? 
Actual delivery takes place within 14 days if we have the vehicle in stock. If a new vehicle needs to be manufactured, the delivery time depends on the terms of the individual suppliers. The average delivery time was three months in the past. However, due to the coronavirus measures, this is now longer (ALD will of course notify you of the exact delivery date for the specific vehicle). 

Can I exchange a leased vehicle for another during the lease period?
If you want to exchange your current vehicle for another, you must first prematurely terminate the existing agreement. Among other things, the early termination process includes a financial settlement. Then you can choose a new vehicle for which we will sign a new agreement.

To whom can I loan the vehicle?
In addition to the lessee, the vehicle can be driven by any employee of the lessee or persons close to them. A close person is defined in Section 22 of the Civil Code. A person who does not meet the above conditions may only drive the vehicle with the written consent of ALD Automotive.

Is the license plate number determined by the headquarters of the leasing company or the address of the customer?
Vehicle license plates are issued according to the headquarters of the leasing company that is the operator. If the operator is the client, the license plate will correspond to the region where the vehicle is registered. Any personalized license plates are owned by ALD Automotive. The costs of issuing personalized plates are paid by the lessee according to the current price list.

For how long can a leasing agreement be concluded?
As the residual value of a car decreases most in the first year, we recommend concluding a lease agreement for a period of 24 months or more. The maximum period is not stipulated by law, however financing can be arranged for up to 60 months. The most common lease agreement duration is 48 months, as this is the most advantageous from the point of view of the total cost of the vehicle. This is also the time when manufacturers most often change model series. In order to meet the requirements of our customers for short-term car leasing, we have launched two new products, namely the short-term leasing of nearly new vehicles from 12 months old and the ALD FLEX flexible leasing of new and nearly new vehicles with lease duration from one month. 

Do I have to drive a certain mileage every year?
The mileage is calculated from the odometer reading when the vehicle is returned. We recommend keeping track of your mileage so there is no significant disparity between the actual mileage and the mileage specified in the agreement. If, during the leasing period, it becomes clear that the final mileage will be significantly lower/higher than expected, we recommend you change the parameters of the lease agreement in time. This process is known as a recalculation. 

What should I do if I find out during the lease that I chose the wrong total mileage? 
You can submit a request to change the duration of the lease or the total mileage by e-mailing rekalkulace@aldautomotive.com. The request must state the name of the company/lessee, the lease agreement number, the current odometer reading at the date of the request, and that you are requesting a change (i.e. the desired duration and total mileage). 

How is the used/unused mileage calculated for operational leasing and Full-Service Leasing?
If the mileage specified in the lease agreement is exceeded by more than 1%, an overrun fee is calculated using a simple formula: the mileage above/below the agreed mileage is multiplied by the coefficient specified in the lease agreement. For example, if the agreed mileage is 50,000 km but the actual mileage is 60,000 km, and the excess mileage price is CZK 1.50/km without VAT, then the difference between the contractual limit and actual mileage is 10,000 × CZK 1.50 = CZK 15,000 without VAT. This amount is billed to the client upon termination of the lease agreement. If the actual mileage is lower than the contracted mileage, the amount is credited. However, the maximum unused mileage amount is 10,000 km. 

Can I travel abroad with the vehicle?
Yes. If ALD Automotive s.r.o. is the vehicle operator, everyone who will be driving the vehicle abroad must be authorized to use the vehicle (provided the lessee is also a driver), or have power of attorney from the company that is the vehicle lessee (in which case authorization is issued for the lessee’s company and handed over with the vehicle in the Driver Set). To obtain authorization or in the event of its loss, contact ALD Automotive s.r.o. by calling 955 525 000 or by e-mail to infocz@aldautomotive.com. If the client is the vehicle operator listed in the technical certificate, it is not necessary to issue authorization to use the vehicle. 

Is there any restriction on the upper contracted mileage limit?
We can tailor agreements to your requirements. With passenger cars, we typically prepare lease agreements for a maximum mileage of 200,000 km.

Where can I quickly find technical information about the vehicle or the terms of the lease agreement?
All such information can be found in the myALD Driver app available for the iOS and Android platforms. In the myALD Driver app, you will find the terms of the lease agreement, technical information about the vehicle, online information about available services, quick help in the event of a breakdown or accident, and you can schedule a date to return the vehicle. More information is available here. Fleet managers can also use myALD Portal, which provides detailed information about services and vehicles. More information about myALD Portal is available here.

What should I do if I lose the documents or license plate of an operational leasing vehicle?
Report the loss of a document or license plate of an operational leasing vehicle to the Police of the Czech Republic and by e-mail to infocz@aldautomotive.com. Do not forget to provide the vehicle registration number and agreement number. We will send you a vehicle registration certificate, proof of compulsory liability insurance (green/white card), and authorization to use the vehicle within five business days. Deliver a copy of the police report, including the remaining license plate (if only one was lost/stolen) to ALD Automotive s.r.o., U Stavoservisu 527/1, 108 00 Prague 10. We will provide you with a new license plate within five business days, along with the related documents. Please note that the vehicle may not be operated during this time. If you lose the keys to the vehicle or the service log, you can contact a service partner directly. Please note that ALD requires the complete set of locks to be replaced to prevent the theft of vehicles or items inside them. This must be taken into account before you return the car.

What should I do if I lose my fuel card?
Report the loss immediately in writing to ALD Automotive via e-mail to blokace@aldautomotive.com. You can also block the card by phone, provided you know the card number, by calling the following numbers:

  • CCS +420 266 108 108
  • Shell +420 228 880 122
  • Benzina +420 800 102 800
  • MOL +420 241 080 800.

When blocking a card over the phone, you still must submit a blocking request in writing via e-mail to blokace@aldautomotive.com.

What should I do if I forget the PIN to my fuel card?
If the card is blocked after you incorrectly enter the PIN code, it will be blocked for 24 hours, and then automatically unblocked (OMV and Shell only). For cards issued by other companies, you must request that the card be unblocked. The same applies when requesting a duplicate PIN code. Requests should be e-mailed to blokace@aldautomotive.com. Don't forget to provide the fuel card number, vehicle registration number, and agreement number. Depending on the card type, a new card will be issued to you or a new PIN delivered to you. 

Can I use more than one fuel card for one vehicle?
Yes. You can choose from the following providers: MOL, Shell, Benzina, CCS, and Innogy (CNG).

Can I attach advertising to the vehicle?
Yes, but this must first be approved by ALD – contact us via e-mail at infocz@aldautomotive.com. Any attached advertising must be removed before the vehicle is returned. If it changes the colour of the vehicle, this change must be entered into the vehicle registration. All the costs for applying and removing advertising and changing the vehicle registration will be borne by the client. 

How can I check that my digital motorway vignette is still valid?
You can check the validity of the digital motorway vignette at www.edalnice.cz by entering the registration number of the particular vehicle. Our clients who use the Motorway Vignette service can check the validity of their vignettes at any time in our online myALD Portal and myALD Driver apps. 

Where and how do I get a valid green/white card for my vehicle?
You should automatically receive a new green/white card from the insurance company right after the previous one expires. In the event this does not happen, you can print one out from the myALD app or you can call us to request one to be delivered on 955 525 000 / option 4. 

ikona-short-term-hire-50   Finance

If I take possession of the vehicle during or near the end of a month, will I pay fees for the entire month?
The first invoice for the first month is modified to only cover the actual number of days you were in possession of the vehicle, so you do not have to worry about paying anything extra. The last invoice will be issued for the entire month, but if you return the car before the last day of the month, you will be credited for the unused lease time remaining in that month. 

When do I pay the first and subsequent instalments?
You will receive the first modified invoice within about a week of receiving the car. This will be sent to your residence/company headquarters (unless another address is specified in the contractual documentation). The subsequent billing is issued on the 1st day of each month and is payable within 18 days. If you lease multiple vehicles, they will be billed on a single invoice, on which the vehicles will be clearly separated and sorted by lease agreement number. However, we can separate the vehicles and issue multiple invoices if you require. The last invoice will be issued for the entire month, but if you return the car before the last day of the month, you will be credited for the unused lease time remaining in that month. For operational leasing, beginning with the second regular instalment you can set up a standing order on which you enter the lease agreement number as the variable symbol. You must then notify ALD of the standing order via e-mail to infocz@aldautomotive.cz.

I am a natural person engaged in business. Will I get an invoice each month showing the price including VAT?
Yes. You will receive an invoice with all the details required of a tax document. All tax documents are also available in our myALD Portal app after they are issued.

What is the procedure for resolving traffic violations?
If you have signed an agreement with us for the re-invoicing of fines for traffic violations, the fine will be paid by us and subsequently re-invoiced with an administrative fee of CZK 150 + VAT. If no such agreement has been made, we will send the traffic violation to the client for payment via the specified contact e-mail address. 

I am thinking about using operational leasing without services. Will I pay for anything more than the agreed instalments and cost of fuel?
Yes. With operational leasing without services you pay all the costs of operating the vehicle by yourself.

How and where can I get invoice copies?
Copies of invoices can easily be downloaded from the myALD Portal app, under Billing, where the documents are available in PDF format. You can also contact us by calling 955 525 000 / option 4 or sending an e-mail to infocz@aldautomotive.com.

ikona-servis-50   Servicing

Where should I go for a warranty or tyre service? 
A list of preferred car repair and tyre service stations is given in the documents you will receive when taking possession of the vehicle. You can also find the current service station network HERE and in myALD Drive. 

What should I do when changing seasonal tyres for the first time?
First make an appointment at an authorized service station, which you can find in myALD Driver, myALD Portal, and from the list HERE. We recommend doing this at least seven days in advance. The tyre service capacity may be full, especially when the seasons are changing. Provide the registration number of the vehicle (and the warehouse receipt number the next time you change tyres) and inform the service that the vehicle owner is ALD Automotive s.r.o. After delivering the vehicle, present the ALD service card you received in the Driver Set when taking possession of the vehicle. Once the tyres are changed, you will receive a warehouse receipt. Keep this in a safe place until the next tyre change. 

What should I do in the event of a defect?
If your vehicle is still roadworthy, find the nearest car repair or tyre service station in the Driver Set, this online list, or the myALD Driver and myALD Portal apps, and present the service card located in the Driver Set. If your vehicle is not roadworthy and you have the ALD Assistance service, call 848 455 555. If the car has a problem that cannot be fixed while you wait, you can use a replacement vehicle free of charge for the necessary time, up to the maximum amount according to your particular assistance program (4, 5 or 10 days). If you do not have our roadside assistance service, you can use the basic assistance service included in the accident insurance. You can find the contact number on the green/white card. In this case, you are not entitled to a replacement vehicle. 

What are the service intervals and how much does a service cost? 
The servicing interval for each car is determined by the manufacturer, not the leasing company. The servicing procedure is described in the vehicle documentation. Service inspections can be performed at the authorized service stations for the given make. We recommend scheduling well in advance to ensure the vehicle warranty does not expire. Contacts for service stations are listed online HERE. Full-Service Leasing already includes these inspections. If you have operational leasing without services, you will pay these costs yourself. 

Is a replacement car available during regular service inspections? 
Price calculations can include replacement car service during regular service inspections. You can choose any number of days to draw over the course of each year. If a replacement vehicle is not part of the leasing plan, the cost will be billed to you. 

Can I retrofit a towing device, for example?
Yes. If a client requests, ALD Automotive s.r.o. will approve installation at an authorized service station and then make the appropriate change in the technical certificate. Based on an approved invoice from the supplier, the towing device is added to the vehicle as a technical improvement and the agreement is recalculated according to the new conditions. 

What should I do if I need to repair the vehicle abroad? 
The product also takes this eventuality into account, and you can arrange an assistance service. ALD Assistance is valid throughout Europe. In the event of an accident or breakdown abroad, you will need to call the number using the international format like this: +420 848 455 555. 

How can I obtain a replacement vehicle? 
There are three ways to obtain a replacement vehicle. The first is from our assistance service, where you are entitled to a replacement vehicle if yours is not roadworthy and if the repair cannot be performed while you wait. To obtain a replacement vehicle, you must contact ALD Assistance on 848 455 555. You will then be provided with a replacement vehicle for the necessary time, up to the maximum amount according to your particular assistance program (4, 5 or 10 days). A replacement vehicle cannot be arranged at a later date. Another possibility is to arrange for the replacement vehicle service separately. This can be done when bringing the vehicle in for inspection or repair, and you can specify the number of days per year you will want a replacement car available, or you can leave this open ended with additional invoicing according to the actual number of days a replacement car is used. Furthermore, you may receive a replacement vehicle through your insurance in the event of an accident, provided you are not at fault. We will arrange payment for the replacement vehicle through the other party’s insurance company. In this case you will receive a vehicle of the same or lower category. Fuel costs are not included in the price of replacement vehicles.

ikona-pojisteni-50   Insurance

What should I do if I need to make an insurance claim event?
Insurance may be included in the provided service. In the event of an accident, always call the Police of the Czech Republic, the assistance service (depending on the extent of the damage), and then notify ALD Automotive s.r.o. online by e-mail to pojisteni@aldautomotive.com or call 955 525 000 / option 1, where operators will handle the insurance claim for you. Since the insurance policy is concluded between the insurance company and ALD Automotive s.r.o., you should not contact the insurance company directly.

What should I do if I want insurance coverage to indemnify me instead of the leasing company?
Send the following information by e-mail as soon as possible to pojisteni@aldautomotive.com: vehicle identification (agreement number, registration number or VIN), the name of the insurance company providing the accident insurance, the insurance claim number and the date of the claim. A change in indemnification will be issued immediately upon receipt of the request. 

Can I draw insurance bonuses I have obtained as a driver in the past?
The vehicles are insured through ALD Automotive’s collective insurance, and so individual accident insurance bonuses cannot be taken into account. However, we use an insurance broker with whom we negotiate the most advantageous conditions on the insurance market with insurance companies. 

What is the difference if I also arrange GAP with my accident insurance?
This is an extension to accident insurance, where the insurance company pays up to the book value of the vehicle in the event of total write-off or theft. In this case, once the claim has been settled you will only pay the deductible. As with any claim, account will be taken of whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. 

How do I deal with windscreen damage? 
Any damage to the windscreen or other vehicle windows should be reported to ALD Automotive s.r.o. via the website, by e-mail to pojisteni@aldautomotive.com, or by calling 955 525 000 / option 1. The insurance will cover repairs carried out by our contractor ACG.

How much is the insurance deductible?
The insurance deductible is specified in the lease agreement. The deductible amount can be adjusted if it is not a specific discounted car. Generally speaking, the lower the deductible, the higher the price of the policy.

What are the territorial limitations of the insurance? Are there any exceptions?
Insurance normally covers the EU countries, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Unfortunately, it does not apply outside the EU, so additional insurance will be necessary for such travel.

What happens if the vehicle is stolen?
First report the theft to the Police of the Czech Republic and then to ALD Automotive s.r.o. You will continue to make your leasing payments until a ruling is issued by the Police of the Czech Republic terminating the search for the vehicle. The Police of the Czech Republic usually issue such rulings after one month. After the ruling to end the search is issued, the matter will be settled and the instalments you paid after the date of the theft until the ruling was issued will be refunded. If you have taken out insurance for the book value (GAP) of the vehicle, you will only pay the deductible. In the case of standard insurance without GAP, the insurance company will pay indemnification according to the market value of the vehicle at the time of the theft. If the market value is lower than the book value, you will pay the difference. For example: the vehicle is insured for CZK 300,000 and the insurance company pays the market value of CZK 250,000. The difference in this case is CZK 50,000. 

What happens in the event of a total write-off where the operational leasing participant is at fault? Will I get a new vehicle again under the same terms?
The car is insured, so the costs are normally covered by the insurance company according to the applicable rules. You will pay the agreed deductible. As with any claim, account will be taken of whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. A new car can be ordered before the insurance claim is concluded. Funding conditions cannot be guaranteed in advance because they are based on many variables. However, we will set up customized calculations with parameters that will suit you. 

What should I do if I have an accident abroad and the police want me to sign a document I don’t understand?
You can sign the report, but below your signature write in Czech that you do not understand the document and that you cannot make a statement without a Czech translation. This will allow further negotiations in the future.

Where can I find the updated General and Supplementary Terms and Conditions?
You will receive the General and Supplementary Terms and Conditions in printed form when signing the agreement. 

ikona-asistence-50   Assistance

How does the ALD Assistance service work?
This assistance service is available to clients both on trips around the Czech Republic and abroad. It is designed to provide administrative information and comprehensive legal expenses insurance services. This may include, for example, an interpreter in the event of a routine roadside check, loss or theft of documents, or the provision of a replacement car and servicing in the event of an accident or breakdown. 

When am I entitled to a replacement vehicle from the assistance service?
You are entitled to an assistance replacement vehicle if your vehicle is unroadworthy and the repair cannot be carried out while you wait. To obtain a replacement vehicle you will need to contact ALD Assistance on 848 455 555. You will then be provided with a replacement vehicle for the necessary time, up to the maximum amount according to your particular assistance program (4, 5 or 10 days). A replacement vehicle cannot be arranged at a later date. We strongly recommend against using the services of an assistance vehicle that arrives at the scene of an accident without being requested. These are not contractual partners of ALD Automotive s.r.o. and the costs that may be charged to you could be several times higher.

ikona-ukonceni-50   Termination of the agreement

Where should I return the car at the end of the lease?
Unless agreed otherwise, the vehicle should be returned to the headquarters of ALD Automotive s.r.o. at U Stavoservisu 527/1, 108 00 Prague 10 on a date arranged in advance. Such a date can be scheduled via e-mail to vracenivozu@aldautomotive.com, by phone on 955 525 000 / option 3, or through the myALD Driver mobile app. You can also arrange for the vehicle to be picked up at any location in the Czech Republic for a fee. To use this service you can contact us by e-mail to vracenivozu@aldautomotive.com.

Do I return the second set of tyres with the vehicle? 
Yes. You return the second set of tyres with the vehicle. In the event the tyres have been disposed of by the tyre service due to their “used” condition, notify the technician of this when returning the vehicle and provide the name of the tyre service. 

Is it possible to terminate the agreement before the specified termination date? 
Yes, early termination of the agreement is possible. We will prepare a proposal for financial settlement on the date of early termination. In such a case, a request for termination must be e-mailed to ukonceni@aldautomotive.com. The request should include the name of the company or the lessee, the lease agreement number, the termination date requested, and the anticipated mileage at the date of early termination. Early termination of the agreement is only possible on the last day of a month. The client should submit their request no later than the 15th day of the month in which the agreement is to be prematurely terminated. If the request is sent later, the agreement will not be terminated until the last day of the following month. A proposal specifying the conditions under which the agreement can be terminated will be sent to you within 10 business days of us receiving the early termination request.

How is the condition of the vehicle assessed upon return? What wear is permissible?
Vehicles are evaluated according to the Code of Normal Wear, which is included in each Driver Set along with other documentation for the car (it comes with every delivered vehicle). After the vehicle is returned, the degree of wear is assessed by an independent company, SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o., which issues a vehicle condition report to be presented to the client for their signature. Damage exceeding the specified acceptable damage is subsequently invoiced to the client. This includes, for example, seats with burn marks, scratched wheel rims, significant dents or scratches, cracked glass, etc. To ensure smooth vehicle handovers, we offer pre-inspections that may or may not quantify possible excessive wear. 

How is the leasing agreement terminated?
About four months before the end of the agreement, you will receive notification with instructions on how to proceed when terminating the agreement. You can choose whether to return the vehicle or extend its use. Specific choices may vary by product type. Before returning the vehicle, you can schedule a specific date to deliver the vehicle to the headquarters of ALD Automotive s.r.o. at U Stavoservisu 527/1, Prague 10, by e-mail to vracenivozu@aldautomotive.com, by calling 955 525 000 / option 3, or via the myALD Driver mobile app. You will then receive a vehicle handover protocol, based upon which a final financial settlement is made taking into account any excessive wear and used/unused mileage with respect to the contracted mileage. Unused mileage (up to 10,000 km) will be credited to you. The degree of wear is assessed by an independent company, SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o., which will issue a vehicle condition report to be presented to the client for their signature. Damage exceeding the specified acceptable damage is subsequently invoiced to the client. This includes, for example, seats with burn marks, scratched wheel rims, significant dents or scratches, cracked glass, etc. 

What happens to vehicles once leasing has ended?
The cars are typically resold through the ALD Automotive Used Car Centre. These are cars with a clear origin and service history, making them among the safest used-car offers on our market.