ALD Automotive

Who are we

ALD Automotive is a leading global provider of operating leases for passenger and utility vehicles; the company is a part of the strong financial group Société Générale. In the Czech Republic, it is in its domain one of the three largest companies in the market. ALD Automotive is focused on leasing products for corporate customers, regardless of the number of vehicles in their fleet.

The clients are small sole traders as well as large international corporations, of which the company takes care also on the global level. This is reflected in a wide range of products, which are designed to suit the individual needs of ALD Automotive customers. The key product is the Full-Service Leasing ALL INCLUSIVE, which has been awarded many times in the prestigious polls Zlatá Koruna (The Golden Crown) and Fleet Awards. 

Other services and products provide the ALD Automotive customers with maximum comfort, including a pick-up service, assistance in the case of breakdown or an accident, GPS monitoring of vehicle movement, called ALD Car Monitor, or on-line reporting Fleet Monitor.

ALD Automotive Group operates in 43 countries all over the world, managing more than 1,680,000 vehicles. In the Czech Republic, the company operates its business under the name ALD Automotive since 2002, and has in the administration over 27,000 vehicles. Headquartered in Prague 10, ALD Automotive takes care of its clientele also from its offices in Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice, Plzeň and Ústí nad Labem.