ALD Electric

The current trend towards electromobility due to the emphasis on climate quality is something our company takes very seriously. For ALD Automotive, as a global mobility player, electromobility is one of the main pillars of our strategy we call Move 2025.

The ALD Electric programme forms part of our efforts to help us achieve our worldwide goal of electric vehicles making up 30% of new cars by 2025. Its purpose is to bring electromobility closer to you, our potential clients. With ALD Electric, we are now able to offer you comprehensive solutions not only in the field of electric cars, but also in the e-bike sector, which we were the first to open up to the Czech operative leasing market. These comprehensive solutions comprise both funding for electromobility and recommendations for all the related products and processes needed to operate electric cars and bikes. They include, for instance, consultation in the creation of a “green” car policy, testing pre-selected vehicles, the design of solutions for public, at-home and at-work charging, internal fleet management using the ALD Pool programme, vehicle management through the myALD or Chargee apps and, last but not least, ALD Switch for short-term motor-vehicle rentals for longer journeys. 


ALD Electric


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Who should you contact regarding your electromobility?

Our ALD Brand Financing sales advisors and managers are ready to answer all your questions concerning electromobility. If you are a Komerční banka client, you can also use the services of your bank advisors. More information is also available at our contact points and in our ALD Magazine.

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