ALD FLEX is ideal for companies seeking an effective and flexible solution to cover their short-term mobility needs. With its predefined services, ALD FLEX means you can use vehicles without worry, while offering the considerable advantage of being able to terminate the lease at any time without paying penalties for early vehicle return (with the exception of leases for under three months). Our product mostly consists of new and nearly-new vehicles with a maximum age of 48 months or mileage of up to 200,000 kilometres.


  • This product is the ideal solution for short-term leasing of new or nearly-new cars for three to 12 months. It is often used, for example, to meet the needs of short-term projects, to provide a vehicle to a new employee during their trial period, to bridge longer new vehicle production times, and for many other reasons. It is even possible to lease cars for under three months (of course, with an early-return fee) or for longer than 12 months.
  • We offer ALD FLEX with a predefined set of services that cover the usual needs of most customers.
  • Vehicles are available immediately after signing the agreement.
  • You can choose from several vehicle categories. We can meet your need for both small city cars and more luxurious vehicles.
  • We bear the risks associated with normal operation (insurance, servicing, tyre service, roadside assistance) and warranties.
  • If your car becomes unroadworthy, we will keep you moving with another vehicle. No need to worry about hiccups in your business.
  • While leasing, you can also add another vehicle to your plan and continue using our services with it.

What does ALD FLEX include?

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