Flexible mobility in the form of short-term leasing with a wide range of services.

ALD FLEX is the ideal solution for companies which are looking for a convenient solution to cover short-term mobility. Compared to traditional operational leasing products, ALD FLEX offers clients complete flexibility and problem-free use of vehicles through its predefined services. One advantage which is greatly appreciated by customers is the option to terminate the product at any time during the contract without the customer having to pay any fees for early return of the vehicle (an exception to this is leasing taken out for less than three months). Our offer mainly consists of new and nearly new vehicles which are less than 48 months old or have a maximum mileage of 200,000 km. In the first stage, ALD FLEX is aimed at existing clients to support their activities when they are looking for affordable and flexible vehicle leasing options with “no strings attached”. 

Why choose ALD FLEX?

  • This product is an ideal solution for short-term leasing of new or nearly new vehicles for a period of 3 to 12 months. For example, it is used for short-term projects when it is necessary to acquire a vehicle for new employees during their probationary period or to bridge the longer production times of new vehicles, and many other reasons. Vehicle leasing is also possible for periods of less than 3 months (although with fees for early return) or for periods of more than 12 months.
  • We offer ALD FLEX with a predefined set of services which cover the regular needs of most customers.
  • Vehicles are available immediately once the contract is signed.
  • You can choose vehicles from several utility categories. We satisfy the requirements for both small city cars or more luxurious vehicles.
  • All risks associated with regular operation (insurance, servicing, tyre services, assistance) and warranties are borne by ALD Automotive.
  • If the vehicle breaks down, we will ensure your mobility by providing another vehicle, so you never have to worry about any downtime in your business.
  • During the leasing period, you can choose another car and then continue using the services wit it.

What does ALD FLEX include?

  • The leasing instalment (financing for the vehicle)
  • Compulsory third-party liability and fully comprehensive motor insurance with a 5% deductible, including GAP
  • Tyre service
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Motorway toll stickers
  • Assistance service
  • Statutory fees
  • Mobility, even if the vehicle breaks down
  • Clear reporting in the on-line applications myALD Portal and myALD Driver

Where can I get more information about ALD FLEX?

Contact your business consultant or use our usual customer contact points.