Brand Financing

In an effort to achieve the highest possible added value in mobility, we have opened the Brand Financing Partnership Department for you. This draws upon the direct, long-term cooperation we have with manufacturers and over three hundred dealers for popular car brands on the Czech market such as Citroën, Dacia, DS, Ford, Kia, Opel, Peugeot, Renault and Volvo. Our Brand Financing for passenger and light commercial vehicles is used by companies, natural persons engaged in business and private individuals, through classic operational leasing, Full Service Leasing and Financial Leasing. You too can enjoy the benefits of our long-term cooperation with individual brands! 

Why Brand Financing?

  • This is a unique project through which we seek to meet your needs as much as possible thanks to our direct and personal connection with the network of dealers and vehicle manufacturers. We can thus offer you the best possible vehicle financing terms, from the purchase of cars on favourable terms to their resale after the end of the lease.
  • We offer a wide range of services to secure your transportation needs: attractive rates for mandatory liability insurance, accident insurance and other supplementary insurance, automotive service, tyre service, fuel cards, ALD Car Monitor, ALD Assistance, replacement vehicle, digital tools to select and manage vehicles online, online insurance claim reports and more.
  • You will be dealing with a stable team of managers at the Partnership department, who have established personal relationships with dealers and vehicle manufacturers.
  • You have online tools at your disposal to select vehicles at, and to manage your fleet through myALD Portal and the myALD Driver mobile app.
  • You will bear none of the risks related to the operation, warranties and subsequent resale of vehicles.
  • We will provide you with expert consultation and handle all the paperwork associated with vehicle operation (registration, deregistration, insurance and more).
  • At the end of the leasing period you can recalculate your current vehicles for a different mileage and lease period or order new vehicles from us. 

What Brand Financing options are available?


Offers vehicle financing + insurance:

  • Favourable vehicle purchase terms.
  • Mandatory liability insurance with 70/70 limits.
  • Advantageous insurance rates (variant with or without GAP).
  • A broad supplementary insurance range.
  • Resolution of insurance claims.
  • Reporting and optimization.
  • The myALD online app to manage vehicles:
    • myALD Portal for PCs (detailed overview of vehicles, services, insurance and operating costs…),
    • myALD Driver mobile version (overview of services and technical information about the vehicle, Driver Set, service and fuel station searches, accident or breakdown emergency assistance, car parking…).
ALDpictoRemplacementVehiculeService_D     FULL SERVICE LEASING

Offers the same as operational leasing + optional services such as:

You can also use the Financial Leasing product.


How to take out ALD Brand Financing?

Contact us at these contact locations, write to us at, or use the direct services of our Partnership managers.

In our Brand Financing program we work directly with over 300 dealers for the following vehicle brands:

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ald-logo-100-opel ald-logo-peugeot-2022-100x100 ald-logo-100-renault ald-logo-100-volvo  

You can also choose from any of the vehicle brands and models available in the Czech Republic.

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