E-bike leasing

Are you a fan of electric vehicles and a healthy lifestyle? Become a green company, support climate protection and the movement towards sustainable development, while also helping your employees do something for their health thanks to our ALDkola.cz project.


ALDkola.cz is new and unique in the operational leasing segment. A response to European mobility trends, this e-bike rental product enables you to ride the best Czech and international brands. When you rent e-bikes from us, the price automatically includes two years of insurance. You can also choose a service package, under which we will regularly pick up the e-bikes from your company to maintain them or replace worn parts. E-bikes can also be part of an original benefit scheme for your employees, who can ride them for company and/or personal use. Our e-bikes can be equipped with GPS modules or software for creating an electronic logbook. This will allow you to see exactly where they have been as well as giving you valuable documentation for your accounting. 


Why ALDkola.cz?

  • A new product that follows the latest trends in mobility and environmental protection.
  • An exciting alternative to a car fleet where bikes can be full alternatives to cars, especially in cities with high traffic levels.
  • Electromobility means you meet statutory environmental standards.
  • Save money on leasing parking spaces as well as all those other costs associated with vehicle use, such as fuel, motorway tolls, tyre service, MOTs, replacing expensive spare parts...
  • Two years of free accident and theft insurance.
  • Two years full-maintenance option.
  • Expert assistance with purchasing and installing charging stations and stands.
  • 100% use as company bikes brings entitlement to a VAT deduction.
  • An original benefit package for your employees. If the bike is ridden for personal use, the lease payment is tax-free.
  • Thanks to the GPS system, the logbook gives a complete overview of the bike’s usage as well as a clear report for your accounting.
  • Free e-bike school rides.
  • You have the option to buy the e-bike at the end of the lease agreement.

How do I conclude operational leasing for e-bikes?

Choose your e-bike from ALDkola.cz, send us an enquiry and leave the rest to us. 

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