Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing is a popular product for companies that want to purchase vehicles for their fleet but do not currently have free funds to finance this purchase. These companies want these vehicles to fully pass into their ownership once the lease period is over. During the course of the lease the companies make classic lease payment instalments. Once these end, the ownership of the vehicles passes from the leasing company to the client (unless specified otherwise).

Why Financial Leasing from ALD?

  • You do not need free cash to ensure mobility for your company.
  • Your financial resources will not be tied up in the vehicle fleet. Your transportation costs will be spread out through the instalments over a longer period of time.
  • You will always be driving new vehicles with the specifications you desire. You can choose from all brands and models of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons on the Czech market.
  • Take advantage of the discounted prices offered by our suppliers and partners, including dealers and insurers.
  • For natural persons engaged in business, all leasing payments are entirely tax deductible as a service.
  • Lease payment instalments are fixed with a fixed interest rate for the lease duration.
  • Leased assets and individual lease obligations are off-balance sheet items, so will not appear on the balance sheet.
  • Vehicle insurance is included in the instalments. You can arrange insurance individually, but such insurance must meet our standard requirements (since the vehicle is our property).
  • You will have a constant overview of the vehicles and their use through online tools like myALD Portal and the myALD Driver mobile version.
  • You can arrange Financial Leasing with us through our network of sales consultants, ALD Brand Financing Partnership managers, or through KB bank advisors if you are a Komerční banka client.
  • We will handle all the paperwork associated with vehicle operation (registration, deregistration, insurance, etc.).
  • The ownership of the vehicles passes to you at the end of the contractual relationship and after payment of the purchase price. 

How to conclude a Financial Leasing agreement with ALD?

Contact us at our contact locations, or use the services provided by our sales consultants or Brand Financing managers. If you are a Komerční banka client, you can also conclude a financial lease agreement through your banking advisor.

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