Fleet management

Management of your vehicle fleet

The fleet management service allows you to take advantage of all of the services offered by ALD Automotive. You only choose the method of financing the vehicles and ALD Automotive will take care of everything else relating to their operation. These services include maintenance, an assistance service, all analyses required to ensure optimisation of costs and administration relating to their operation. Fleet management offers the complete portfolio of services which you can find in Full Service Leasing, the only difference being that you finance the vehicle fleet from your own resources or own it directly.

Advantages of the Fleet Management service from ALD Automotive:

  • The services of ALD Automotive (vehicle maintenance, assistance services, check on costs,...).
  • Support in terms of everyday management of your vehicle fleet (via our maintenance department, you will be able to have your vehicles regularly serviced and have any repairs which are required performed via our authorised network of franchised dealers).
  • Choose the method of payment - a fixed monthly price or billing for actual costs for services arranged.
  • You gain discount offers from providers of products and services relating to your vehicle fleet 
  • You have the option of detailed monitoring of costs for operation of your vehicle fleet thanks to regular reports which you receive from ALD Automotive (costs for the vehicle fleet, mileage, fuel costs and service costs)
  • Consultation with ALD Automotive advisors leading to optimisation of costs for your vehicle fleet 
  • The option of selling off vehicles via the ALD Automotive Used Car Centre.

The vehicle remains your property - you finance your vehicle or own your vehicle.

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