Full Service Leasing

 Full service leasing from ALD Automotive is a form of operational leasing which includes open or closed calculation of all costs relating to operation of your vehicle, except for fuel. In the case of a closed calculation, the monthly instalment is fixed for the whole duration of the contract. The open calculation includes the specific approved costs for operation and maintenance of the vehicle, but its level is not constant. In both cases, the instalment fully constitutes a cost item and is fully tax deductible. Our leasing consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have about the advantages of closed and open calculation.

Advantages of Full service leasing from ALD Automotive:

  • Full service leasing allows you to finance and operate your vehicle fleet without the need to purchase your own vehicles. The service includes not only full outsourcing of services, but also coverage of all risks relating to operation of your vehicle fleet. 
  • For the whole of the leasing period, you pay only fixed monthly instalments for new vehicles, which include all costs for operation over the course of the agreed leasing period of 12 - 60 months and a mileage limit of 10 – 200,000 kilometres from acquisition of the vehicle (with the exception of fuel). 
  • Only the difference between the vehicle’s cost of acquisition and its residual value is included in the instalments from the price of the vehicle. 
  • Subject to conditions agreed in advance, you can purchase the vehicle for inclusion into company assets at the end of the leasing period, have the contract recalculated or order a new vehicle.
  • The leasing instalment fully constitutes a cost item and by virtue of this is fully tax deductible.

The fixed monthly instalment includes the following as standard (the precise composition of services can be varied according to client requirements):

  • financial leasing instalment
  • on-line obligatory driver training
  • full motor third party liability insurance
  • fully comprehensive insurance with an excess of 10%
  • replacement of spare parts and repairs to the vehicle
  • exchange and storage of tyres and wheels
  • road tax
  • motorway stickers and the radio licence fee 
  • detailed check on costs and analysis of them 
  • monthly billing even in the on-line version 
  • detailed reports in the myALD Portal application
  • ALD Car Monitor of vehicles
  • monitoring and ensuring all regular vehicle inspections
  • records of all servicing invoices
  • nonstop assistance service
  • courtesy car for the event of breakdown or accident
  • pick-up & delivery for vehicle servicing

ALD Automotive is outsourcing full service leasing services for the following brands:

 Ford Lease Peugeot Lease Citroën Lease KIA Business

RCI Dacia Nissan Renault
ald-logo-ds-2021-100x100-1 ald-logo-opel-2021-100x100-1    
DS Opel Flex Lease    



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