Full Service Leasing

Full Service Leasing is our flagship product. Over the course of its existence, it has received many awards in the prestigious Golden Crown, Fleet Award and Fleet Derby competitions. It is extremely popular with corporate clients, natural persons engaged in business, and private individuals. With this product, you can manage your vehicle fleet without any worries, regardless of whether you choose passenger or commercial vehicles. In addition to the benefits provided by conventional operational leasing, Full Service Leasing includes all services related to vehicle operation, maintenance and servicing, with the exception of fuel and operating fluids. 

We offer Full Service Leasing with open and closed calculations. With a closed calculation, the monthly instalment is fixed for the entire duration of the agreement. An open calculation includes specific approved vehicle maintenance and operation costs, but this amount is not constant. In both cases, the monthly instalment payment is a full cost item and is fully tax deductible. The amount depends not only on the services desired, but also on the particular selection of vehicles and the lease conditions, including the lease period and mileage. At the end of the lease, simply return the used vehicles to ALD Automotive, or choose new models from us to ensure your future transportation needs are met. 

Why operational leasing from ALD?

  • Full Service Leasing lets you finance and operate your fleet without the need to purchase your own vehicles. It is an operational lease. The product not only includes the full outsourcing of services, but also covers the risks associated with operating your own vehicle fleet.
  • You do not need any initial financial investment, nor do you pay any advance.
  • You can choose from all makes and models on the Czech market. You will find a small sample of the vehicles we offer at www.aldoperak.cz.
  • In the case of new vehicles, throughout the lease period you will only pay the fixed monthly instalments, which include all operating costs during the agreed lease period from 24 to 60 months and a mileage limit of between 10,000 and 200,000 kilometres from purchase (with the exception of fuel and operating fluids).
  • The lease payment instalments include the difference between the purchase price of the vehicle and its residual value.
  • The instalments include wholesale and volume discounts from all our cooperating partners such as dealers, service centres, spare parts suppliers, and insurers.
  • The lease payment instalments are a cost item and therefore tax deductible.
  • Thanks to our online tools, namely myALD Portal for PCs and the myALD Driver mobile version, you will be able to easily manage your fleet 24 hours a day, which will give you a perfect overview of company costs and also save you significant time.
  • You can arrange Full Service Leasing with us through our network of sales consultants, ALD Brand Financing Partnership managers, or through KB bank advisors if you are a Komerční banka client.
  • We will handle all the paperwork associated with vehicle operation (registration, deregistration, insurance), along with the risks associated with operation, warranties, and the subsequent resale of the vehicles after the end of the lease.
  • At the end of the lease period you can either renew the agreement under new conditions or order new vehicles. We have set up the www.aldoperak.cz website to make the quick selection of new vehicles as simple as possible.


What does Full Service Leasing include?

The precise composition of services is variable and always tailored to client needs. The standard fixed monthly payment includes:

  • Lease instalment payments (financing of the vehicle itself).
  • The option to use mandatory online driver training.
  • Full mandatory liability insurance.
  • Accident insurance including GAP with a 10 % deductible (minimum CZK 10,000).
  • Windscreen insurance.
  • Vehicle services (regular servicing, post-warranty repairs, replacement of worn parts based on mileage, unforeseen repairs not caused by the lessee—structural defects of the engine, transmission, wiper motors, material fatigue, etc.).
  • Tyre and rim replacement, storage and rotation.
  • Resolution of insurance claims.
  • Motorway tax, motorway vignettes and radio fee.
  • ALD Car Monitoring.
  • Clear and detailed online reports through myALD Portal (detailed overview of vehicles, services, insurance and operating costs…).
  • The myALD Driver online mobile version (overview of services and technical information about the vehicle, Driver Set, service and fuel station searches, accident or breakdown emergency assistance, car parking…).
  • The non-stop ALD Assistance service.
  • A replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident (at select service partners).
  • Vehicle pick-up & delivery service.

How to conclude a Full Service Leasing agreement?

Our sales representatives and Brand Financing managers are ready to answer any questions you might have concerning the product and to set up leasing conditions for you. ALD Brand Financing works directly with over 300 dealers and the following car brands:

ald-logo-citroen-2022-100x100 ald-logo-dacia-2022-100x100 ald-logo-100-ds ald-logo-100-ford ald-logo-100-kia
ald-logo-100-opel ald-logo-peugeot-2022-100x100 ald-logo-100-renault ald-logo-100-volvo  

However, you can choose from any vehicle brands and models available in the Czech Republic. If you are a Komerční banka client, you can also conclude an operational lease through your banking advisor.

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