Operational leasing

The Operational leasing service allows you to finance your vehicle fleet without the need to purchase your own vehicles. You only pay tax deductible instalments for the new vehicles.

The subject of financing is the difference between the cost of acquisition of the vehicle after wholesale discounts and its residual value and the volume of agreed services. At the end of the lease period, you can buy the vehicle for the price agreed in advance.

Advantages of Operational leasing from ALD Automotive: 

      • You do not make any down payment at the start and decrease the amount of funds tied up in the company’s accounting balance. 
      • When calculating instalments, you can choose between closed and open calculation. In the case of a closed calculation, the monthly instalment is fixed for the whole duration of the contract. The open calculation includes the specific approved costs for operation and maintenance of the vehicle, but its level is not constant. In both cases, the instalment fully constitutes a cost item and is fully tax deductible. Our leasing consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have about the advantages of closed and open calculation.
      • Operational leasing of vehicles allows you to use volume discounts and the benefits of the strong leasing company ALD Automotive and at the same time save on salary and time costs of your employees.
      • All risk relating to operation, warranties and subsequent sale of the vehicle once the contractual relationship has ended is borne by the leasing company.


The fixed monthly operational leasing instalment includes: 

      • financing of the vehicle 
      • fully comprehensive and motor third party liability insurance 
      • car circumferential glass insurance 
      • radio licence fees 
      • windscreen insurance 
      • road tax
      • detailed reports in the Fleet Monitor application

ALD Automotive is outsourcing full service leasing services for the following brands:

 Ford Lease Peugeot Lease Citroën Lease KIA Business

RCI Dacia Nissan Renault
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DS Opel Flex Lease    



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