ALD Releasing

Need a car quickly, without any hassle and with affordable monthly instalments? Try ALD Releasing! We offer our own proven used cars that have been returned after their first operational leasing and come with an accurate and clear service history. These cars are available for leasing for a minimum of 12 months. 

Why ALD Releasing?

  • These are our own cars that have come to the end of their first operational leasing.
  • All our cars have a clear service history, and we keep detailed records of any insurance claims, including repairs.
  • You don’t need to wait for your cars as they’re ready and in stock.
  • Our on-line tools – the myALD Portal web app and the myALD Driver mobile version – mean you can easily manage your cars at the touch of a button 24 hours a day.
  • We handle all the paperwork involved in running the cars (registration, deregistration, insurance) to save you time and effort.
  • We assume the risks associated with car operation and warranties, and also their subsequent sale at the end of the lease contract.

What does short-term operational leasing of nearly-new vehicles include?

  • Lease payments (financing of the vehicle itself).
  • Servicing costs.
  • Suitable mandatory liability and accident insurance.
  • Insurance of car windows.
  • Radio fee.
  • Windscreen insurance.
  • Motorway tax.
  • Clear reporting on the myALD Portal and myALD Driver online apps.