Operational leasing of nearly-new vehicles

Do you need to quickly address the transportation needs of company employees but don’t want to needlessly wait for the vehicles to be manufactured and delivered? Or do you want to buy a quality vehicle at a reasonable price as a private person?

We can provide you with financing for inspected nearly-new vehicles returned after operational leasing by the first user. We only offer undamaged vehicles with an excellent service history. We can arrange financing for you for 12 months or longer. Check out our vehicles at ALD Carmarket and www.aldoperak.cz, and then contact us and we will prepare a non-binding offer. You can view our inventory of nearly-new vehicles by appointment at our ALD Carmarket at Zdibsko 495, Klecany.



After you confirm the offer, we will prepare the agreement documentation and make all the necessary arrangements. You will then be able to pick up your vehicle or vehicles for use within five days. 

Why lease nearly-new vehicles from ALD?

  • Choose from a wide range of quality vehicles returned at the end of operational leasing by the first user. All vehicles were purchased new in the Czech Republic. We sell over 6,000 of such vehicles every year.
  • No need to wait for nearly-new vehicles as they are in stock.
  • We offer advantageous financing through our own products and products from ESSOX. You can therefore choose exactly the right kind of financing to best meet your needs. We offer Financial Leasing, Operational Leasing, Full Service Leasing, Retroactive Leasing, loans and loans with repurchase.
  • The length of the vehicle financing agreement can be adapted to suit your needs and possibilities. You can use nearly-new vehicles for periods as short as 12 months.
  • We own all the vehicles, which is why we are so familiar with their operation and service history.
  • We keep records of any insurance claims, including descriptions, repairs, information about who performed the repairs, and insurance settlement amounts.
  • More than 99% of vehicles allow VAT deduction.
  • With our vehicles, you can expect professional service and a six-month warranty for hidden defects.
  • Our offer includes calculations for suitable insurance from our trusted partners.
  • Thanks to our online tools, myALD Portal for PCs and the myALD Driver mobile version, you will be able to manage your fleet easily, 24 hours a day.
  • We will take care of all the paperwork associated with vehicle operation (registration, deregistration, insurance).
  • We bear the risks associated with vehicle operation, warranties and subsequent resale after the end of the lease. 

What does short-term operational leasing of nearly-new vehicles include?

  • Lease payments (financing of the vehicle itself).
  • Servicing costs.
  • Suitable mandatory liability and accident insurance.
  • Insurance of car windows.
  • Radio fee.
  • Windscreen insurance.
  • Motorway tax.
  • Clear reporting on the myALD Portal and myALD Driver online apps.

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