Sale and leaseback (Leaseback) – is a simple solution for outsourcing management of your current vehicle fleet. This service offers purchase of vehicles which your company owns for the market estimate of the residual price and their leaseback including the arranged services.

Advantages of Leaseback from ALD Automotive:

  • Purchase of your current vehicle fleet and thus release of funds tied up there  
  • Assumption of all risks relating to operation of vehicles by ALD Automotive.
  • Assumption of complete administration and procedural costs through consolidation of administration and management of these costs.
  • Vehicles are available for your requirements immediately without any restriction.
  • ALD Automotive assumes the risk of the residual values of the vehicles and their subsequent sale and warranties.
  • Once the contract has ended, you can buy the vehicles back for the prices agree in advance and subject to conditions agreed in advance

ALD Automotive offers purchase of your current vehicle fleet. You will immediately be able to use all of the services offered by ALD Automotive and the advantages resulting from the leasing contract. Purchasing of your whole vehicle fleet or only part of it and leaseback for a fixed period and fixed mileage allows you to renew your vehicle fleet with brand new vehicles.

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