Retroactive leasing

Through the Retroactive Leasing product we can purchase your vehicle or current fleet. This enables you to release tied-up funds for other business needs or to address potential problems related to a lack of cash. You will continue to use the cars as lessee in accordance with the leasing agreement and thus benefit from the tax benefits of leasing. 

Why ALD Retroactive Leasing?

  • Your transportation needs will continue to be met without any limitations.
  • You will immediately receive cash from us.
  • The leasing instalments will be tax deductible.
  • In the case of retroactive refinancing through financial leasing you will receive:
    • unlimited mileage for the leasing period,
    • the right to a full VAT refund at the beginning of the agreement,
    • at the end of the lease, the ownership of all vehicles will be transferred back to you for the symbolic sum of CZK 1,000.
  • In the case of retroactive refinancing of operational leasing, we will assume from you:
  • the risks arising from vehicle operation,
  • the administration and management of the fleet and related costs,
  • the risk of the residual value of the vehicles and their subsequent resale and warranties.



What are the Retroactive Leasing agreement conditions?

  • The vehicle must be less than four years old from the date of first registration.
  • The vehicle owner, as listed in the large technical certificate, must be Czech.
  • The amount refinanced corresponds to the market value of the vehicle.
  • Approval of the applicant’s creditworthiness.

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