ALD Used Car Centre

Our ALD Carmarket sells nearly-new vehicles that have been returned at the end of their leasing periods.

We only sell vehicles that we actually own and that have been leased to a single client, meaning we have detailed knowledge of their operation from regular service inspections to light bulb replacements. This means we can transparently offer you properly inspected vehicles with complete operating histories and six-month warranties for hidden defects. 

Each year we sell roughly 6,000 nearly new vehicles. You can view the current selection of vehicles for sale at ALD Carmarket. In response to current events, we have introduced a new product, namely short-term operational leasing for nearly-new vehicles for one or more years. 

Why buy a car from ALD Used Car Centre?

  • Choose from our wide range of quality cars returned at the end of their operational leasing by their first users. All vehicles were purchased new in the Czech Republic.
  • No need to wait for nearly-new vehicles. We have them in stock.
  • We own the vehicles, and are therefore well aware of the history of their operation and service inspections.
  • We keep records of all insurance claims, including descriptions of repairs, who performed them, and the insurance settlement amounts.
  • We also offer advantageous insurance from our trusted partners.
  • We offer generous financing using our own products. You can therefore choose the right financing method to best meet your needs: Financial Leasing, Operational Leasing, Full-Service Leasing, Retroactive Leasing, loan or loan with repurchase.
  • More than 99% of vehicles allow VAT deduction.
  • When choosing your car you can expect professional service and a six-month warranty for hidden defects.