Car Monitor

Monitoring the movements of your cars

Car Monitor allows the online monitoring of the movements of your vehicles and the generation of an automatic journey log based on obtained GPS data with the possibility of making adjustments and updates. The journey log can be exported to various types of documents (HTML, DOX, XLS, CSV, TXT), allows the generation of a travel order based on selected journeys and can for instance also generate an altitude and speed profile of the route. It also increases the security of vehicles in the Czech Republic. Thanks to Car Monitor, you will obtain live information on the unauthorized movements of vehicles with the possibility of direct connection to the central protection console and of sending alarm SMS messages.


Advantages and possibilities of the ALD Automotive Car Monitor: 

  • Reduction of operating costs by up to 30 % 
  • Fuel savings and reduction of unauthorized trips 
  • Increased productivity of employees 
  • Identification of private journeys of employees 
  • More efficient use of the work time of employees 
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption per traveled kilometer 
  • Car movement log (time, position, speed, state of inputs) 
  • Immediate position of a vehicle whenever required 
  • Securing company property (cars)
  • Import of data on refueling from various payment cards: CCS, Shell, Benzina, Slovnaft
  •  Automatic online import of data from CCS cards 
  • Statistical outputs 
  • Insertion of custom user objects with definition of travel purpose into the map (customer, branch office, icon, area) 
  • Records of all costs for the operation of a vehicle 
  • Planning of service inspections, replacement of oils etc.



Car Monitor