myALD Portal

MyALD Portal is a web app enabling online fleet management and related activities.

Here you will find a detailed overview of vehicles, contracted services and insurance, as well as information on the operating costs of each car used. With myALD Portal, you will get quick and clear access to information about your fleet from any computer at any time. The data can then be freely used for subsequent analysis. More than 50 standardized reports in XLS, PDF or CSV formats are available for the fleet or selected vehicles.


You can access myALD Portal at After a simple login, the fleet manager can create new user accounts for their company. This lets them determine who will use the vehicle information and what information will be available to users.

myALD Portal contains:

  • Vehicle documentation, agreements and user manuals.
  • The mileages of individual vehicles and recommended changes to contracted mileage.
  • Information on vehicle insurance and all insurance claims.
  • Contracted services and their costs.
  • Detailed refuelling overviews for all filling stations, including the export of data records in the CCS format.
  • Billing for leasing and accounting services.
  • The option to download printable versions of all invoices and to export data records from select invoices in the ALD format.
  • An overview of operational leasing calculations with the option to confirm them.
  • Traffic violation records.
  • Records of mandatory driver training and the option to make orders online.
  • Reservations to return vehicles at the end of the leasing period.