ALD Car Monitor

Monitoring the movement of your vehicles

The ALD Car Monitor Service is an important aid in managing your fleet. It offers online tracking of vehicle movement, automatic generation of a logbook according to detected GPS data, import of refuelling data from various payment cards, but also significantly contributes to vehicle security in the Czech Republic. It will help you obtain instant information about any unauthorized vehicle movement, for example, by monitoring a defined area for the vehicle and sending SMS alarm messages. 

Main benefits:

  • Reduce operating costs by up to 30%
  • Save fuel/reduce unauthorized driving
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Identify private trips by employees
  • Make more effective use of employee work time
  • Monitor fuel consumption per kilometre
  • History of vehicle movement (time, position, speed…)
  • Current vehicle position upon request
  • Securing company assets (vehicles)
  • Import of refuelling data from various payment cards - CCS, Shell, Benzina, Slovnaft
  • Automatic online import of data from CCS cards
  • Additional statistics
  • Ability to automatically send reports to designated e-mail addresses at specified times
  • Ability to distinguish between alternating drivers in the vehicle by using RFID readers/chips
  • Map entry of user-defined destinations (customers, branches, icons, areas)
  • Records of all vehicle operation costs
  • Planned service inspections, oil changes and more
  • Free mobile app


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