Fuel cards

The ALD fuel card service is an easy way to fill up and pay for fuel that provides a clear overview of fleet costs. Our fuel cards provide benefits for companies, fleet managers and the drivers themselves by saving money and time while guaranteeing quality fuel.

Our partners

We work with a number of major fuel distributors who have extensive filling station networks and provide a broad range of quality services. Fuel cards enable the cashless purchase of vehicle fuel, fluids or even car washes from the following companies: 


Our new ALD Electric Card provides a solution for electric cars! You can easily charge your car at more than 10,000 charging points in the Czech Republic and abroad—with PRE, ČEZ, EON, Smartics, GreenWay and Západoslovenská energetika!

Using fuel cards

The cards work on the simple principle of entering a unique PIN code (outside the ALD Electric Cards). The costs charged are settled by the card issuer directly with us. You will be sent a single monthly invoice for all fuel purchased, regardless of supplier. This is sent at the same time as the billing for leasing services. The billing includes a detailed description for each vehicle showing the place and time, and how much fuel was purchased by the vehicle user, possibly along with other authorized products purchased with the card. 

As soon as the card expires, you will automatically receive a new one. If you lose the card or have any other problems with it, please contact your sales consultant. We will immediately block the card and issue you a new one.