Select ALD Automotive financial products also include comprehensive vehicle insurance to ensure your peace of mind and safety.

What benefits are included?

  • Our vehicles are ensured for the duration of your lease, from the moment they are handed over to the moment you return them.
  • All insurance documentation is contained in the Driver Set the driver receives when taking possession of the vehicle. These documents are also in the myALD Drive mobile app (green/white card).
  • You do not need to notify your insurer when adding or removing vehicles from your fleet, or requesting new insurance documents, because we do all that work.
  • We will bill you for insurance once a month along with the fleet leasing billing. You do not pay any additional costs.
  • If your vehicle becomes unroadworthy, the ALD Assistance service is at your disposal.

What kind of insurance is included in our standard offer?

Vehicle accident insurance
This insurance is valid for the geographical territory of Europe and is typically concluded with deductibles of:

  • 5 %, min. CZK 5,000
  • 10 %, min. CZK 10,000

Vehicle insurance pursuant to the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act No 168/1999 (third-party liability insurance)
An international automobile card (green/white card) is issued as proof you have third-party liability insurance. This insurance is valid for the countries listed on the green/white card. Liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of a motor vehicle is mandatory by law and covers damage to the health or property of third parties that you cause while driving.

Both types of insurance are part of the standard calculation for all of our vehicles. 


What other kinds of supplementary insurance do we offer?

We enable our clients to take out supplementary insurance related to accident insurance, for example:

  • Glass insurance
    This insurance covers the windscreen and all windows of the vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle insurance
    This insurance covers the cost of a replacement vehicle due to damage to the leased vehicle directly related to an accident.

  • Insurance with GAP liquidation
    This is a premium product that covers total the write-off or theft of the vehicle. The insurance settlement is not calculated based on the general price of the vehicle, but on the procurement price or book value of the vehicle determined on the last day of the month in which the insurance claim occurred, depending on the type of financial service. 

What should I do if I have problems on the road?

  • If the vehicle is unroadworthy, contact the ALD Assistance Service on 848 455 555
  • Insurance claims can be reported in three ways:

What to do in the event of an accident?