Refueling service - an easy way to pay for fuel

Refueling service - refueling cards

ALD Automotive is a partner of a range of leading distributors of fuel.

The client can choose a fuel card from a specific company or companies, which can then be used to pay for fuel and other purchases at the client’s discretion on selected gas station. Each card has its own PIN. Lost or stolen cards are immediately blocked and a new card is issued. Statements allow us to carefully monitor all items and detect any anomalies. You can easily monitor the fuel consumption of each user and vehicle.

Based on your contract, you may receive one or several of the following fuel cards:

  • EuroShell - valid also for selected Benzina gas stations
  • ÖMV Routex - valid also for Avanti
  • CCS universal card valid in the Czech Republic
  • UTA/CCS universal international card
  • Benzina card 




These fuel cards allow you to make cashless payments for fuel, oil and car cleaning. The costs for these services are charged by the gas station directly to ALD Automotive.
The cost for all used fuel, regardless of the supplier, is charged in a single monthly invoice based on the settings you define for your invoices. The method used to process invoices simplifies the payment of all VAT. ALD Automotive invoices the costs from fuel cards simultaneously with its leasing services. The invoice is accompanied by a detailed overview which specifies where and when fuel was purchased, how much was purchased as well as which other services were covered, for each car.
You don’t need to manage and keep records of receipts and forms.