Insurance - complex offer of insurance products

Insurance and Risk Management


ALD Automotive provides a complex range of insurance products for your safety and peace of mind.

I. Comprehensive insurance

Insurance is valid in the geographical territory of Europe, including Turkey. This insurance may be taken out with an excess on insurance claims of up to:

- 5%, min. CZK 5 000.00

- 10%, min. CZK 10 000.00
II. Insurance according to the law on liability insurance against harm caused by a vehicle,  Act No. 168/1999 Coll.  (i.e. compulsory third party insurance). Proof of the existence of such a policy is a valid International Motor Insurance Card (also known as the “green card”). The insurance is valid in the states listed on the green card. Insurance of liability for damage caused by vehicle operation is required by law, is compulsory and during your travels covers damage incurred by third parties in consequence of harm to property and/or harm to health.

 This insurance, along with accident insurance, is part of the standard calculation for all our vehicles.

Another type of insurance in the range (extra insurance taken out in combination with comprehensive accident insurance):

I. Injury insurance for transported persons
This extra insurance extending comprehensive insurance covers all persons including the driver. Transported persons (i.e., with the exception of the driver) are also covered by the insurance of responsibility for damage caused by vehicle operation.

II. Windscreen and Window Insurance
This insurance applies to all window glass on all sides of the vehicle.

III. Luggage insurance
This insurance covers against loss, damage or destruction of luggage as a result of an insurance claim incident where the vehicle has been damaged, involved in an accident, or stolen, in accordance with the insurance company terms and conditions.
IV. Replacement vehicle insurance 
This insurance covers costs incurred due to rental of a replacement car rented as a result of damage to the insured car in direct consequence of an accident on that car. 

V. Insurance with GAP adjustment 
This is an above-standard product for the event of total write-off damage to, or theft of the vehicle.  The insurance premium is not calculated according to the general price of the vehicle, but to the accounting value of the vehicle as per the last day of the month in which the insurance claim arises. 


Online insurance reporting

General terms and conditions

Documents to download:

Allianz pojišťovna, a.s.

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s.

Advantages of insurance at ALD Automotive

  • You will not need to provide your insurance company with documents whenever you add or remove a vehicle from your car fleet or make requests for new documents for your insurance. The car is insured for the whole duration of the contract, from the moment of handover until its return. Insurance documents are included in the so-called driver set, which is given to the driver during car handover.
  • Insurance premium is paid in regular monthly installments, so the insured person incurs no additional costs. This means savings compared to annual or half-yearly payments.
  • Simple monthly invoices display payments for lease and insurance for your car fleet.
  • A driver can contact ALD Automotive specialists to handle both problems related to vehicle breakdowns and resolution of insurance events.
  • Your employees don’t have to pay anything in advance; ALD Automotive will cover all costs, starting from the smallest expenses