Returning vehicles at the end of the lease period

You will receive a termination letter from us with detailed instructions for returning the vehicle about three months before the end of the operational lease agreement. In addition to information on how to properly prepare the vehicle for delivery, including all the necessary documents, we ask you to contact ALD and arrange a time and place for returning the vehicle. You can contact us by phone on 955 525 000 / option 3, via e-mail to or through the myALD Driver mobile app. If you need to change the vehicle return date, please report this change at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery. 

How to prepare a vehicle to be returned?

The vehicle must be properly washed and the interior cleaned when presented at the handover site, since it is not possible to objectively inspect a dirty vehicle. All defects and damage must be rectified, including accessories or company stickers. In addition to the vehicle, you will hand over: 

  • A complete set of keys (used and spare), including the production code.
  • The duly completed and stamped service log, or a printed copy of digital service records.
  • Fuel cards, assistance card and ALD service card (if issued).
  • The small technical certificate and international automobile insurance card (green/white card).
  • Complete mandatory equipment.
  • Spare tyre with tools, set of tyres including wheels in the vehicle (if included in the agreement).
  • Equipment that came with the vehicle (roof rack, hands-free system, CD changer, towing equipment, etc.).
  • Vehicle operation and maintenance manual.


How are vehicles handed over?

Vehicles are handed over at the headquarters of ALD Automotive, U Stavoservisu 527/1, Prague 10. Among other things, the handover involves an inspection for any damage incurred during the use of the vehicle, which is performed for ALD by an expert company. All defects found are recorded in the Vehicle Acceptance Protocol. The inspector will record the mileage and mark identified defects as acceptable or unacceptable, in accordance with the definition of individual types of damage, as described in the General Reasonable Wear of Passenger Cars manual. The process of taking possession of the vehicle ends with the signing of the Vehicle Acceptance Protocol. You will receive a copy of this protocol as proof the vehicle was handed over. 

For a fee, the expert company can take possession of the vehicle at a location other than our headquarters in Prague 10. Arrange the handover location when scheduling the return of the vehicle or send an e-mail at least 48 hours in advance to or call 955 525 000.

More information about returning vehicles at locations other than the ALD Automotive headquarters can be found HERE.


Download the manual

General Reasonable Wear of Passenger Cars


Download the manual

General Reasonable Wear of Light Commercial Vehicles 

How are vehicles returned?