Tyre service

Tyre service is a standard part of the Full Service Leasing package of services. You can also add it as a service when concluding an operational lease agreement.

It up to you to decide whether to change only the tyres or the entire wheels. You can choose from three tyre categories: Economy, Standard and Premium.

With our Tyre Service you can change your tyres twice each year (pursuant to the provisions of Section 40a of Act No 361/2000) or store the tyres at select contractual tyre centres. In the event of tyre wear exceeding the limits set by the above Act, the tyre centre you choose will offer to replace them. All the services you choose will be included in the regular monthly leasing instalment.


Why Tyre Service?

  • No more worries about tyre service and logistics.
  • Our broad network of contractual tyre centres is clearly of great benefit, especially when it is time to change seasonal tyres.
  • You will always have an overview of tyre service centres on hand through the myALD Driver app.

Three ways to order Tyre Service:

  1. Order the service using the simple form on our website: https://servis.myald.cz/cz.
  2. Choose the closest or most convenient tyre centre by using the quick search function in the myALD Driver app.
  3. Contact us by calling 955 525 000 and requesting Tyre Service.